in December 2017. has been a passion project for nearly 20 years, and in that time I’ve been involved in every aspect of its development and operational management.

In the mid-1990’s we had individual websites and congregated on a site called Game Programming Megasite. Yes, back then “mega” was kind of a thing.

At some point a few of us decided to merge our little individual game development websites into one we called Sweet.Oblivion. It was cool and edgy and fun to interact with our growing community.

Then one day we started talking to other “game programming” website owners and the idea of a game development website to end all game development websites came about - and was born.

We started working on it in late 1998, and on June 14, 1999 we launched onto the world.

The original founders were myself, Dave Astle, Michael Tanczos, Don Thorpe, John Munsch, Nick Murphy, Ernest Pazera, and Geoff Howland. We formed an LLC and started GameDev Net, LLC.

In 2016 my remaining partners (Don, John, Dave, and Mike) and I came to terms with me continuing on with and them parting with their ownership in the LLC. So since April 2016, I’ve been on my own with the management and operation of the platform with the help of a number of volunteers for managing the community and helping out with social media.

These days sees about 500,000 MAU generating around 3-4 million page views.