New Website Design

less than 1 minute read

After toying around with various ideas I finally made the move and redesigned my personal website and blog.

In the past I’ve used Wordpress, Ghost, and tested out a few other frameworks. In the end it came down to React-based Gatsby or Ruby-based Jekyll, and I settled on Jekyll. Partially because I had already started with Jekyll when I found Gatsby, and partly because I’d like to get the new format online instead of delaying the project even further. I like what Gatsby proposes, but I need more time to figure out how to get what I want out of it.

As for why go to static site? Simplicity. I like the idea of being able to jot my notes down in a text file, which I can then submit to a git repository, trigger a hook, and update my site. It also reduces the server requirements to a bare minimum, which means I can put my website practically anywhere these days. Wordpress and the others are great for what they offer, but they aren’t for my purposes here.

Anyway, that’s the technical details. Welcome to the new version of my site.